An Economic Control Solution for RAS

An Economic Control Solution for RAS

It's not often that we get the chance to indulge our passion... that of fishing in the summer months!

As keen anglers there were no shortage of volunteers when we were recently approached by a local Trout and Salmon Hatchery to automate, control and isolate filtered river water into the hatchery.

We selected one lucky engineer to visit the site, meet the client and assess the project and conditions. Because he wasn't familiar with the process our engineer was keen to find out more...

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems or RAS are used for fish production where water exchange is limited and the use of bio-filtration is required to reduce ammonia toxicity.

One of the main benefits of RAS is the ability to reduce the need for fresh, clean water whilst still maintaining a healthy environment for the fish.

The Process

The client explained the process and stated that his fish hatchery was a place for breeding, hatching, growing and rearing fish.

"We manually strip the wild, female (Hens) pregnant Salmon and trout that carry eggs by hand, fertilising the eggs with sperm obtained from the male fish (Cocks). Once fertilised they are tested and if all is fine, placed in the rearing tanks."

"Water conditions during the rearing stage must be closely monitored until the eggs hatch, with accurate control of flow, temperature and the addition of chemicals into the water."

"Once the eggs hatch they are moved on to larger tanks growing from small fry into adult fish. Throughout this stage we continue to monitor and control the water conditions in addition to adding food and crucial chemicals."

The Project

The aim of the project was to expand the hatchery, enabling the customer to supply Trout in various sizes to private fishing clubs, local fish processing plants and the dispersion of migratory Salmon into the river system.

An important consideration was that hatchery systems by nature are notoriously expensive; governed by how economically viable they are. Our proposal would therefore have to be cost-effective and highly competitive!

Actuated PVC Ball ValveThe Solution

The solution was to recommend our Electric Actuated Economy PVC Plastic Ball Valves as part of our proposal.

Manual PVC-U ball valves would be fitted to our HQ004-HQ006 electric actuators; our electric actuators offering IP65 protection and fitted with limit switches, space heaters and manual override.

We would integrate these actuated valves with solenoid valves, plastic fittings and PVC pipe to deliver complete remote control of the system.

The system would enable the control and isolation of filtered river water into the tanks, the backflush of the system and the dosing of chemicals.

The outcome has been that we have successfully met the clients brief and budget and had the proposal accepted. We have won the order and work is currently under way!

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